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* [[Info object]]
* [[Info object]]
* [[Mains object]]
* [[Core object]]

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The info supplied by the "general" property of the MediaWiki API Meta Siteinfo request contains a set of general data about the wiki. Apibot considers it to be a separate type of info - the "general" type.

In principle, all of this info can be retrieved through the infotype_element ( "info", $element ) function, where $element is the info element key in the general info array. However, retrieving this info through special functions might be more convenient (and might make the bot and bot scripts PHP code more readable). A list of the implemented general info functions follows.


  • general_info() - returns the entire general info structure
  • general_info_isset() - true if the general info is available, false if it is not
  • general_element ( $key ) - returns the general info element with this key
  • general_element_isset ( $key ) - true if this general info element is present, false if it is not


  • site_mainpage() - the site main page title
  • site_base() - the site main page URL
  • site_name() - the site name
  • site_generator() - the site software (ie. MediaWiki) and version
  • site_phpversion() - the version of the PHP used by the site
  • site_phpsapi() - the site PHP API
  • site_dbtype() - the site database type
  • site_dbversion() - the database server version
  • site_revision() - the site software revision (not supported by some sites)
  • site_case() - the site title case policy (eg. "first-letter")
  • site_rights() - the site copyright string
  • site_lang() - the site language
  • site_fallback() - the site fallback language
  • site_fallback8bitencoding() - the site fallback 8-bit encoding (typically MW uses UTF-8)
  • site_writeapi() - true if this site allows writing through the API, false if it doesn't. (Even if true, the bot account might need some rights to be able to use it.)
  • site_timezone() - the site timezone
  • site_timeoffset() - the site time offset
  • site_articlepath() - the site URL path to find the wiki articles (eg. Main Page) at
  • site_scriptpath() - the site URL path to find the scripts (eg. index.php or api.php) at
  • site_script() - the site URL path of its index.php script
  • site_variantarticlepath() - an alternative article path, if present
  • site_server() - the site domain name
  • site_wikiid() - the site wiki ID
  • site_time() - the site time at the moment of the information request (might be badly obsolete if the info is cached!)
  • site_misermode() - the site misermode


These are not supplied by the site, but calculated by Apibot, based on the supplied info:

  • site_timediff() - the difference between the site time and the local time
  • remote_time() - the time at the site, at the current moment (site_timediff()-based)
  • site_generator_version() - only the version part of the site generator string
  • mw_version_number() - the site generator version as 5-digit number (useful for comparing which version is later)

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