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The Assembly line interface consists of a lot of objects, strung together and working like a factory assembly line, passing between themselves another objects. All these objects are instantiated from the Assembly line classes.

There are too many Assembly line classes to describe in a single page. In addition, as of Apibot 0.40 versions, this interface is rapidly evolving and often gets deeply changed. For this reason, here is described only the very basics of these classes.

Line objects classes

These classes are for the objects that can be a part of an assembly line.


All Assembly line classes ultimately derive from the Line_Slot class. It is situated in the _line_slot.php in the root path of the Assembly line interface.

This class implement the basic functionality of all Assembly line objects - the ability to link forward and behind, to pass signal objects to the line objects behind, and to process signal objects.

From this class derive five classes that are the roots for the five types of Assembly line objects.


The root class for all feeder classes. Implements the basic functionality for sending out a feed of data.


The root class for all fetcher classes.


The root class for all filter classes.


The root class for all worker classes.


The root class for all writer classes.

Signal classes

These classes are for the objects that get transmitted between the assembly line objects.


Implements the basic functionality and data structures of all signals:

  • signal ID
  • parameter groups and parameters handling

LineSignal_Start and LineSignal_End

Derive from the LineSignal_Generic class. As of Apibot 0.40 versions, these implement no functionality beyond that of their parent.


Implements the functionality for carrying and handling data blocks and their elements. Also, implements the functionality to return different types of wikivalues from the data carried.