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This is the site of Apibot - a MediaWiki bot, written in PHP, and oriented towards bot operators with a basic PHP knowledge.

It is probably the most powerful PHP bot for MediaWiki. Has full support of the latest MediaWiki versions, a huge number of functions, support for extensions and two different interfaces on top of the bot engine.

Apibot is free software, licensed under GNU Affero Public License v3.0 or any later.

For users

For developers


If Apibot was of a good use to you, and you can afford to donate, please be welcome to!

  • Bitcoin address: 1PbtB1VuAZKQrA9WDLMvTiUK3o1jxoTrNf
  • Litecoin address: LTo2UurqqToJJz2p9GRpTFVQyaBwBWV1h1

Contact info

If you would like more information, write to g.r.i.g.o.r (at) g.a.t.c.h.e.v. (dot) i.n.f.o (remove the dots).