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Here is the PHP source code of the development version of Apibot.

This code may contain new features that is still not present in the release versions. However, it is intended only for usage by developers who add features and fix bugs in it. Do NOT rely on it for doing actual bot work.


Apibot modules

Basic modules

  • apibot.php - the code module of Apibot.
  • apibot_dataobjects.php - the data objects that Apibot uses.
  • browser.php - the HTTP browser module of Apibot.
  • utils.php - a collection of utility functions. Planned to be obsoleted soon, by merging within browser.php.
  • logins.php - an illustration what a real logins file should look like.

Iterator / ActionObject framework

Supplementary pages

  • Todo list - a list of ideas and suggestions for development.

Development rules

This wiki does not allow anonymous edits. If you only want to contribute an occasional bugfix or idea, just email it to some of the developers. However, if you plan to contribute regularly, you will need an account here - email to Grigor.

At the moment, the code versioning system is the wiki itself. Modifications to the code are made by editing the code pages, listed above. Code-related discussions take place on the code talk pages. General development discussions take place on this talk page.

Development decisions are planned to be taken by all concerned developers. Differences should be resolved by discussion. If an unanimous decision cannot be achieved, a voting may take place.

The original developer of Apibot (Grigor Gatchev) retains the right to have the final decision on the development issues. However, this right is planned to be exercised only in critical situations.

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